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Strengthening Positive Assets & Resiliency in Communities.


Interested in Resilience Resources?

 SPARC Red Deer is proud to partner with the AHS Central Zone – Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Promotion team to host the Building Resilience Toolkit on our website. See the "how to" below to download the resources.

Steps to Download Resilience Toolkit

1. Click Resilience Toolkit

2. Click Toolkit Download

3. Create an account

4. Check your email and "Activate" your account

5. Set a password

6. You will receive a message notifying you that your account is created - yippee!  

7. Give us 1-2 business days to give you access

8. Enjoy the free downloads!  



Love is Growing!

Hey Red Deer! Here is something positive to focus on in the midst of our current situation with self isolating. Let’s see if we can get this started. Cut, color or print a heart and place it in one or multiple windows in your home. Then let’s encourage everyone to get outside for a healthy walk and look for the hearts in windows. We, of course, are not encouraging you to do this in groups or close to others. Just go for a family walk and try to find as many hearts as you can. Share this post with your neighbors, school contacts, anyone that can get it going!!! Let’s do this Red Deer! Let’s show our love for our community and stay connected in a different way!

NOTE: Right click on the heart and click "Copy Image" and paste it into a Word document for printing.


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About Us


Our Team

Our History

Our History

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time coalition volunteers are committed to helping families and kids. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Contact us for more information.


Our History

Our History

Our History

 SPARC Red Deer is about "Strengthening Positive Assets and Resiliency in Communities.

It is a local nonprofit coalition designed to  promote and educate community members and families about the '40 Developmental Assets.' The 40 Developmental Assets are research proven life experiences or building blocks which all children need to grow up healthy, caring and responsible.   


Our Mission

Our History

Our Mission

To educate and excite our community on building blocks that all children and youth need in order to thrive, which includes the 40 Developmental Assets and healthy lifestyles.

Our Vision:

To focus on the development of healthy children and youth by increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors.

Essentially, we aim to teach adults and kids that becoming aware of the 40 Developmental Assets, and then making efforts to grow them in ourselves and others will lead to healthy people living healthy lives within healthy communities.

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