Chalk it Up!

Join us in showing appreciation to front line workers who are keeping us safe and providing essential services.

Pick up some chalk and write some messages of gratitude or encouragement wherever you know there are front line workers at work, or even in your own neighbourhood or pathway system. Take a picture and share the positive messages with us with the hashtag #paintthetownpositive. Thanks!


Parenting Seminars

FREE Parent Workshop

June 10, 2020 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm via Zoom

FREE Parent Workshop: Helping Kids Grow Up Great

Do you want to help your child thrive, and avoid risky behaviours? This FREE workshop is for you! Developmental assets are the building blocks of healthy development that help children grow up caring, responsible and resilient. You will learn about these assets as well as:
• Factors that contribute to the healthy development of young people.
• How to be an active player in building skills, experiences and opportunities.
• How building on young people’s strengths can help prevent alcohol and drug abuse and other risky behaviours.

REGISTER ONLINE and you will receive a Zoom link the day before the workshop.


Helping Kids Grow Up Great!

Paint the Town Positive

Paint the Town Positive!

 The goal of Paint the Town Positive is to have a youth driven chapter of SPARC Red Deer.  The idea is for youth, ages 10 to 14, to give back and spread kindness in the community through various projects and initiatives that are created by them.  

Help us Paint the Town Positive with our Chalk It Up Gratitude Project!  

Paint the Town Positive - Jan. 2020

Paint the Town Positive - Jan. 2020